Thursday, November 20, 2014

Accents and all that

Sitting in a room filled with as many English accents as people. I could not help but wonder about how some people are obsessed with getting rid of Mother Tongue Influence in India.

Call me an ignoramus, but I think this focus on so called mother tongue influence is all wrong.

Nobody, no f8ing body wants to hear your goddamn accent you perfected somewhere. They are here to hear your skill, what you bring to the table, what is your role in solving the problem they have.

Whether you speak with a mother tongue influence or not has no bearing whatsover in the process. Whether you solve a problem has a major bearing in the process.

Imagine a situation where the person speaks perfect English but ruins your work. Hope that helps.

Almost anybody focussed on this mother tongue influence bullshit is getting it wrong. What is need is more skills not more language.

(There are exceptions, like call centres who want to pretend that they are located in Louisiana while being located in Ludhiana or if you are giving a voice over to a foreign audience and suchlike, but otherwise, well...)

The language is about putting lipstick on a pig. The question really is, is that a pig you want or something else?

End of rant. Earlier rant, here.

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