Sunday, November 23, 2014

The e-learning conundrum

So, what about e-learnings?

The trouble with e-learnings is that they are too linear. One dimensional. Given what we saw about live trainings, e-learnings rarely offer any of them. So, how to make e-learning more interesting.

The answer lies partially in the name. The level of interaction e-learning offers is quite low - as compared to an online learning or a live virtual session where the interaction is much higher.

So, e-learnings can be used to up a point - which is the 10% - substitute a part of the classroom  training with an e-learning.

It does not provide the interaction that a classroom does - so try and see if that can be done.

The other thing an e-learning can do is to become like games - and I am not saying gamify - the question is how to make it challenging.

Can an e-learning become more non-linear - give a different outcome depending on how one interacts with it? So that each time you interact with it (like a game), your outcome is slightly different and you feel challenged each time.

IF you just want a linear course, why not just use a video or a podcast?

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