Sunday, November 23, 2014

Live Training

Five days of live training - and then you realise why an e-learning done in the way e-learnings are traditionally done just doesnt cut it.

No, it is not about interaction, engagement and all that - while that exists. It is also not about jazzy content. It is not about making people do unintellectual activities in the name of engaging the audience.

And all these 5 days, there were none of those irritating energizers, no bullshit.

So what makes a great live training? These are my observations:

Dont get me a trainer - get me a person who has been there done that, or done research into what she has come to talk to me about. So, I get real answers, not hypothetical.

Build on my knowledge - you may be an expert trainer, but do not underestimate what I bring to the table. Get groups to work, bring out collective knowledge. Use what I know and build on it.

Show me something I have not seen despite all that I know - you may be an expert, but you still need to make me think and make me do and then show me an outcome. Let me come up with an insight.

Give- give your assets, give them something to work on , give them something to carry back (not useless workbooks though), give them something to mull over.

Technology does not matter - Jazzy presentations do not matter. What matters is just value addition. I got back thinking, yes, I learnt something here.

Elicit learning - make them think, ask questions, probe, prod, push and let them get the answers...

Come with more than your slides - meaning, if all you know is in those slides, it is a disaster. Your slides are a small sliver of your knowledge - feel free to use it when those unprecedented questions hit you.

In summary, Great Knowledge and great facilitation - it is not so much about facilitation or about knowledge, but a real interaction of both. One without the other is useless.

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