Saturday, January 2, 2016

Beyond the first page

At a recent school science exhibition - kids had done a great job with the models. There were models of rockets, telescopes, water harvesting systems, forests and so on. Like with any exhibition the children (and the parents) had put in a  lot of effort.

What struck me here, though, apart from the fact that people had put in effort was in some explanations. Many of the charts, explanations - were saying the same thing. Indeed, many of them were from the same source - 'Google' - and specifically - 'Google First page' and 'Wikipedia'.

So, for all the hard work, much of the information sources were common. Not that there is anything wrong in it  - after all it is the most common source of information today.

But as one progresses, one needs to go beyond the 'first page' in anything.

In a world where everyone has access to the same internet - information is democratic - everybody gets the same. Clicking something on google is not 'research'.  It is just the first step. How to go beyond that? Because the internet which was 'different' years ago - is today the commonest resource for everyone.

How does one go beyond the first page?
How does one teach children to go beyond the first page - metaphorically?

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