Saturday, January 2, 2016

Increasing Awareness

Many years ago, when I was in school - an elderly gentleman told me, "I am amazed at the level of thought that you have. You are blessed to have a high level of awareness. I wish I had this when I was your age"

I did not understand the meaning of this at that time - but I think I am able to see what that gentleman meant now.

I am amazed at the level of awareness that people have today. Not all people. But I think as generations progress, with the vast levels of information available to people - there is a chance - a great chance to be aware - far more aware than perhaps any previous generation.

I wish I had that level of awareness, reading, access to information at that age. Sometimes, I feel my education years could have been better spent with more learning...I also cringe at the low level of awareness I had at that age...(regardless of what the gentleman felt).

People who are say, about 20 years today have a far greater level of awareness than people in their 40s today. And those who are in school now - will surpass that generation with an even greater level of awareness.

There are people on twitter - very young - who completely fascinate me with their level of knowledge, awareness, cogent communication, argumentation and logical skills. The number of books they have read - that they have access to - has no parallel with any generation before this.

This is not to say that everybody is there - they are not. There is a still a huge chunk of people stuck in old paradigms - but the opportunity that this generation has immense.

It boggles me to think what sort of cognitive awareness we will be staring it two generations from now.

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