Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Clash Royale continues

Meanwhile we are getting bigger and smaller on Clash Royale. There are good days when we win a ton of trophies. There are bad days when we get thrashed. We spend time discussing various battle strategies (and this is where I love how games make children think).

There is a cheapo strategy - that seemed to work well, until we lost a few times. And then tweaked it.
Then there is a attack from both sides strategy.
Then there is a 'Prince' strategy.
Then there is a 'Defense' strategy - worked beautifully once and then never thereafter.
Then there is an 'All out offense' strategy - ditto.
Then just for kicks, we tried out an aerial route only strategy - this one was an out and out disaster.

Now the best part of it is that - there is very little that is useless in the battle deck. And that makes us all think (adult brain, child brain alike) about how we are going to do it.

There is discussions on options, choices, priorities, limited gold or gems (both always seem to be in short supply and the VC is not funding the 60 rupees yet). There are learnings. There are moments of triumph. There are Eureka moments. There are moments when the younger one wins three battles on a trot and the dad loses and vice versa.  The younger one has learnt the virtues of donating cards (we get gold and points), part of being a clan (though it is a clan which doesn't interact - thankfully) and has asked her friends to join the clan as well...

And recently one kid was explaining to another how a vaccination is similar to a Clash Royale game.

Given the richness of all this - how can one ever argue that games don't add value to people?
Every word said here in this TED video rings true:

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