Monday, April 18, 2016

Clash Royale

We have been fans for Clash for Clans for a while now. Clash of clans was and continues to remain an interesting game. But the truth was that many found it quite complex and too involved. And perhaps Supercell recognized that. And came up with Clash Royale.

Having played both CoC and CR, I can say that the thought of Clash Royale has been incredible. This is not an easy path.

There are quite a few who have tried. But following up on one success, retaining some elements of it and still making a playable game that is as engaging and does not cannibalize the earlier version (among other things) is not easy. But they have done it.

From the earlier format of CoC, they have come up with a simpler format. This is easier to play. No elaborate building. No waiting for troops to get experience, but it is not instant. And with all this there is still an interesting element of gameplay strategy.

Indeed, the gameplay strategy is so unique that I don't think I have seen anything like this (yes, personal incredulity is a logical fallacy), but well, I am impressed.

So, here we are, father and daughter, playing in Clash Royale. Bring it on!

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