Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Writing and Speaking

A few years ago, I was at a panel discussion. And I realized that I was able to articulate my points way better than I perhaps did a few years ago. The difference? At first, I patted myself on the back and gave myself extra brownie points for the growth of my intelligence, articulation and felt smug about it.

But when I analyzed it further, I realized that the process of writing it out had made the process easier.

And the cause for it was my blog. This blog.

I realized this unconsciously, but it just struck me how writing enables the speaking process.

The fact that I had written about various kinds of learning experiences over the few years made a difference. When we write, we are channelizing our thoughts (which are unorganized, in a cloud) into a more tangible means. This is a far more stickier process than thinking about it or reading about it (atleast for me). And as you write more, more of thoughts are taken out of the waiting queue and newer thoughts (hopefully better evolved and shaped) take their place.

Most of us face times when you are called upon to say a few words about the industry or learning in general and a mike is thrust in your face. It can be unnerving.

But since I had written about it (and written about it after some thought process), it made that process way more easier, because a distilled set of thoughts were available with me to talk about it. And it made the process far more easier...

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