Thursday, November 23, 2017

Department of useless information

The way information is consumed has changed. When we were young, we sat in front of the TV and absorbed all it blared. Or read books.

Since I was more of the latter, I had a storehouse of information - which I labelled - Department of Useless Information. This information was not useless - it did enable me to win quizzes and suchlike till I met bigger hoarders of information who I could not defeat.

Today, the way information is consumed is over the internet and the Department of useless information gatherers have never had it so good. Except for the arrival of non-googleable quizzes.

That means that the internet is a great place to build curiosity - almost like the library of yore - provided of course one uses it for the right things.

So, the kid potters around on youtube - mostly on science sites like ASAP science and Ted-ed and suchlike.

Soon comes with a question after a round of retail therapy by the parent.
Are you happy with the purchase?
Well, ya, kind of.
It wont last very long. Research that happiness of a purchase doesnt last for more than 12.5 seconds.

And another day

Did you know cats can increase the happiness of a person by about 30%?

Yet another day

How many books do you read in a year?
Maybe 25 to 30?
Oh so you are average.
Yes, apparently people on an average read about 25-30 books a year.

What will this do to the future of content? Will movies become shorter - given that short form content is in vogue? Today the feature film running length is about 120 odd minutes give or take a few. Will it become shorter?

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