Friday, November 10, 2017

Whats a carriage?

The digital native in my family was reading an Agatha Christie book.

"Whats a carriage? Does it mean a horse drawn carriage?"
"Perhaps yes, that’s what it should mean in Agatha Christie times, though it is possible it is also a motor carriage." I was about to continue the story of how carriage became car and so on, before which he said
"But how does this carriage have so many parts – second class carriage, smoking carriage and all that?"
"Oh, then it should be a train"
Yes, it is a train, I read a little further

So many words that have a specific meaning for us have no meaning for digital natives. It is the same for every generation – many words lose meanings and many words acquire meanings.

In my generation, a lot of our mother tongue words have gone – we no longer use them – which is sad – separate story for some other time.

As this digital native generation comes into the workplace, they will not relate to many words and terms at work that are basically a continuation of the previous non-digital generation. Today we have not thought of it and we continue these terms as hand me downs when they have no real meaning or when the meaning has changed.

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