Thursday, February 22, 2018

Facebook effect

We all know what is Facebook and the many things about it, especially in the recent past. It was fascinating for me to read the story of the creation of Facebook in the book, the Facebook effect by David Kirkpatrick.

Quite a few things struck me.
About timing (there were quite a few social networks that fell by the wayside because technology was not good enough).
About ideas (Facebook was by no means the first social network, but many things it learnt from others failures made it better).
About being able to answer the deeper question (and this is really something - from the time it has started till about today -to think a bunch of college kids could think of something like this is inspiring to say the least).
About being to prioritize (instead of trying to do everything - at the start, it was very focussed on a few things and getting those right and then added features).
About having a clear direction (what we are, what we are not).

A must read for someone who is in the business of starting a new business - though I think all business stories are different and worth a read :)

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