Monday, February 26, 2018

On milkshakes

Or milkshakes in a bottle to be precise.

A few years (maybe months) ago, somebody launched milkshakes in a bottle. And you could take the bottle home as a keepsake. This was a classic bottle - shaped like the old milk bottles and instantly was the talk of the town (in some circles atleast). I dont know who did this, but whoever did it had competition very quickly.

Soon, everybody came to serve milkshakes in their own version of classic/keepsake glass bottles and within no time the novelty was lost.

Couple of points:
Glass bottles are good - better than plastic and if glass usage goes up - recycling of glass - which is currently a problem - goes up - and all that I agree.
Keepsakes are good - atleast used to be good when I grew up - when every container worth keeping was kept and used in various hand-me-down avatars.
Milkshakes are milkshakes - the only real differentiator is the quality of the ingredients and the skill of the person who makes the recipe. Here I assume that milkshakes are real and not pre-configured essences mixed in a particular quantity and whipped to create a milkshake.

Having considered all the above points, a bottle for a milkshake is no differentiator. It is like a wrapper. One buys the product, not the wrapper (other things being equal).

So, the milkshake in a bottle is as common as, well, plastic bags. And nobody wants it.

Question to all of us is this: Is our product the milkshake or the bottle? And what should we focus upon?

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