Saturday, August 27, 2011

iPod and learning

The little ones have taken to the iPod like fishes to water. No, I exaggerate. They get only limited time and access to it. I am talking about the iPod touch. The games in it are quite a learning experience. The younger one learnt colours using the iPod - there are a couple of apps - Learn colours with fruits and Learn colours with vegetables.

This was quite apparent - a totally new way to play with some learning was bound to be a hit.

But the other aspect of this is what I seen in the older one. His drawings and colours have taken a "great leap". The vividness and richness of colour and the levels of details have taken off after he has played a few games on the iPod - especially "Storm in a tea cup".

Also, games like "Push Cars" and "Rail Maze" really make you think in different way to arrive at a desired solution.

More on this later...but surely the iPod is a great tool for learning. Are your trainings making your people think?

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