Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Theory of multiple intelligences

Howard Gardners theory of multiple intelligences is well known. The intelligences listed are Spatial, Linguistic, Logical-Mathematical, Bodily-Kinesthetic, Musical, Intrapersonal, Interpersonal, Naturalistic.

I am not sure if Existential intelligence is added as an intelligence or not - the wiki entry sort of confused me. But I suspect that it exists - it almost classifies as spiritual intelligence - or what can be called perhaps a higher state of awareness.

I also strongly suspect that there are other intelligences that we are not yet aware of or explored - or perhaps present in too few individuals to be captured at a global level.

I dont remember which book I read this in -where it said that as much as we would find a tribal newly introduced to urban life to be fairly stupid - the reverse would be true too. Most of us, removed from our urban habitat will be a complete loss in a village or a tribal settlement. And we attribute much of what we do to our intelligence - yet a lot of this would be useless in different context. Which is why I believe, the entire spectrum of intelligence is not really explored. For example, other than the above, highly accomplished artists or cooks or spiritual persons might be people with some more intelligences that are not yet really documented.

The future sure looks interesting.

Each one of us should explore each of these intelligences to see if we can become good at it - or at the very least, expose the brain to a side which it would not naturally explore.

I have tried it and each new thing we learn, if not anything, it sharpens the mind...

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  1. Thats' a really intriguing perspective. I guess all of us explore each of these intelligences in one way or the other, but most of us go through this unwillingly and/or passively.

    For instance, a manager trying to give negative performance feedback, is in a way honing his/her interpersonal intelligence. But it is not really an enjoyable process and is highly likely that the manager does not view this as a learning experience, unless he/she is strongly right brained. "It is my job, so let me just get done with it quickly... and I hope this guy dos not quit or do anything crazy that would make me look bad"... may be the manager's thought process.

    However, if this opportunity to offer performance feedback can be positioned to the manager as a learning opportunity to improve his/her interpersonal intelligence, the outcome may be very different for all parties concerned.


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