Thursday, February 2, 2012

I asked for Super-Man

and they gave me an office person! said the little one.

He was playing Scribblenauts Remix on the iPad. If you have an iPad please download Scribblenauts Remix and read the rest of the post.

If not read it anyway. The game has a simple premise. You are given a situation to solve – pretty simple ones – like giving someone a haircut or painting a car. And how do you solve it? By asking for tools that help you resolve the issue at hand. How do you ask for tools? You spell it out and the game provides it. That’s it.

Simple as the premise is, the little one (and his dad) has gone crazy over playing it and in the process both his spellings and his imagination have gone up. Take a scenario – where the character of the game has to reach something in the sky. You could ask for a hot-air balloon, a winged horse, a magic carpet or an aeroplane! If he is hungry, you can ask for a idli, a burger or anything. We once asked for a nuclear bomb and as you might imagine, it killed everyone in the level – pretty neat way to learn, I suppose. You can pretty much ask for anything that’s in the dictionary and your imagination! And that what makes it so lovely.

Few rules, lots of fun and learning is imbibed. Wow. Whatay combination.

And it does not allow for the player for copyrighted names and trademarks, hence no Superman when the little one decided to invoke him in a game. And as you can see by the response on top, he was quite disappointed by the response. Be that as it may, it gave us a few laughs at the way he said, “office person” (someone wearing a suit or dressed formally, I presume). Yay, son, your dad is no superman either, he is, indeed, an office-person.

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