Thursday, February 23, 2012

The joy of creation

Our activities together involves a lot of imagination - sometimes it is storytelling, sometimes it is sports, sometimes both of us will be poring over a screen learning about seaplanes or “the worlds largest car” or “satellites” or something else.

But the biggest joy we derive comes from creation. We have made paper airplanes off the net, made random things that show up in childrens shows (MAD used to be a favourite and we made quite a few things out of that) and made other even more random things – like cutting out a cardboard phone or a gun or creating a "scene" using cardboard. And more often than not the idea comes to the little one when he looks at the raw material. So, he holds up a soap box and then he will say “let us make something with this” or at other times, it is a shoebox “make me a guitar out of this” and sometimes we succeed and at other times we do not. 

So much so that he now has a box in which he fills all this raw material with which at some point, we will make something.

Working with hands is an experience children ought to have. Whether it is using water colour or mud or making things, working with ones own hands and creating something and then playing with it has been some of our best loved experiences thus far. 

Our recent find along this route is a site known as sciencetoymaker. And this is a lovely site. Has detailed pictures and videos and scientific explanations to boot.

And our first project here is stuck – the putt putt boat – which is in a state of limbo now since we cannot figure out how to get a glue gun. But we have tried a few of the more simpler things and we are happy to say that all of them have worked!

Creation is a great way to learn!

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