Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sardar Patrappa Road and the Scientific Temper

During my chat with the students through the Science Exhibition, I casually enquired with them about the components that they had put together. The list of things included, LDRs, Solar Cell assemblies, Flexible LED panels, Programmable robots, Assembled Helicopters, Spy Cameras and the usual assortment of Batteries, Motors and Bulbs. Each time the answer was, SP road, short for Sardar Patrappa Road.

It was nice hearing that from them. Most people here know this place. Sardar Patrappa Road or SP road as it is known is at one end of the road leading to Chickpet (an adventure in itself, but this much I can say – If you have not visited Chickpet, you have missed much in Bangalore). This is the place for electronic junkies. Bangalores answer to Funan Square, to put it mildly, but much more exciting, in my humble opinion. You want to assemble your own computer, check. You want newer electronic toys, check. You want to buy some gizmos or connectors to some gizmo you got or want replacement spare parts for something that everybody has given up on, check.

This is the place to come to for all electronic stuff. And if you are a tinkerer or a student working to think what she will put in her exhibit, you cand spend a day here and not get bored. If it exists, they would have it.

I think SP road is doing much in building the scientific temper amongst students and it was nice to see them talk about SP road. And that reminds me, I need to go there as well…

SP Road is one of those areas which a mall can never replicate - of course, they could make a Funan Square type of place right there, but thats a different story.

We need more SP Road kind of places that provoke curiosity and make one want to do things by themselves and get the fun out of making rather than just the fun of unboxing!

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