Friday, March 22, 2013

Indian universities, you have competition

Coursera is one of those new sites that offer education on the internet - in my view, the best use of the internet is learning and sharing. For an auto-didact, the internet is perhaps the best thing to have happened.

Coursera offers the kind of offers, your local university cannot dream of offering. Okay, I take that back. Surely, they can dream of offering - but the way Indian universities are structured and constrained, it is highly unlikely that something like this can come through.

Until a few months ago, it was never concern that they will disrupt our well entrenched system. But here it comes. Coursera now offers signature courses - that means, for a fee, you can get a certificate from the university that offers the course. How cool is that?

This is a real disruptor to the university- especially those that do not innovate and bring out something new. But the best part is that universities need not fret - they can join the others and offer a course from their area of expertise. But will they step out? Or be comfortable in their shells?

More on this later..

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