Friday, March 22, 2013

Train is coming

Some years back, we were waiting at a train station in Singapore. And all of a sudden, the station erupts in a very catchy announcement tone "Train is coming, train is coming, train is coming..."

The kids ears perked up - and it is such an easy to remember tune and wording that they remembered it. And the best part is that this was a safety message - for people to move away from the platform and also to let people know that the train is coming.

And then my mind went to our announcements - Platform number chaar ki gaadi etc. etc.

Similarly, our flight safety procedures - are said at jet speed with a series of actions - surely there are better ways of doing it. One airline for instance, has a video. And I read somewhere that there are others who do a really cool job of it.

So, here is a question. How does one get cab drivers to wear seat belts? Fine or persuasion? Push or pull? They know it is good for them, but they dont wear it.

Or how does one get an entire organization to do something that is good for them within a particular date? Fine or persuasion? Push or pull? Or plead and cajole?

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