Sunday, March 17, 2013

What will you become when you grow big?

Most of us would have faced this question at some point of time or other while we were growing up. What will you become when you grow up? And by and large, have inflicted this torture on many a child we would have met - including our own children.

In his speech yesterday, Narendra Modi gave a different spin to it. I loved this riff.

He said (not exactly verbatim), "You ask your child what you want to become? Doctor or Engineer?" (Implication is that we put this baggage on the childs heads right from childhood).

"This is drilled into the child from 5th standard and somewhere along the way, the child does not clear 12th standard and ends up being a teacher"

"The person is not satisfied because all along in his mind, the dream of becoming a doctor or an engineer, is now dissatisfied with being a teacher"

"Instead of asking a child what will you become, ask the child what you will do?"
("Kya Karoge instead of Kya Banoge)

Ultimately, this leads to focus on work rather than outcome. And that in the age old shloka, this is the theme that is often quoted:

Karmanye Va Dhika Raste, Ma Fhaleshu Kadhachana,
Ma Karma Phalahethu Bhuurmathe Sandothsava Karmani - Bhagavad Gita

As we all know, baggage is a huge part of human emotions and growth. This part of the speech was really touching and of practical use to each one of us. 

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