Saturday, May 30, 2015

An archaeological expedition

The vacations are coming to an end. The vacation for education is the human civilizational equivalent of disappearing cities. The books have all been covered with layers of mud, forests and infested with dangerous animals - mostly amnesia inducing. But the schools are about to reopen. And those ancient cities need to be discovered. Again. Now.

The discovery is not easy though. The locals say that such cities never existed. The little ones deny that they were ever educated in the alphabet. In fact they are quite sure that certain alphabets do not exist in the Devanagari script. Satellite images clearly show the presence of lost cities under the earth, but the people around are not convinced. Old books have been produced, with their own writing to show that they were once educated in this language. However, a combination of amnesia and denial can do many things to civilization. And only the bravest of the brave archaeologists can delve deep into the mounds, brave the snakes and animals and dig out those forgotten artefacts of civilization.

Two alphabets which were reported missing have been found after much effort. There is still an attempt to deny that these alphabets never existed in the Devanagari script. These are the two alphabets that were needed. If alphabets can disappear, you can imagine that the grammar structure which held the language must have vanished altogether.

All in all, we are now ready for the great archaeological expedition. Armed with tools, we need to dig deep and discover those alphabets. Rebuild those grammar structure so that at some point in time, the edifices stand up to their erstwhile glory. (Pardon the euphemism, but there were no edifices - they were just fragile structures that needed a bit of a light breeze to topple them over.) But yes, we have begun. Two missing alphabets have been traced. The range of other discoveries will be known only as we undertake this perilous expedition.

The expedition to unearth the forgotten cities of Hindi. 

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