Sunday, May 10, 2015

Creativity within constraints

Anyone can build a castle in the air.

But to build a real livable castle on the ground, on time, within budget, with all the approvals and still create a wow factor - that is something.

And that is the reality of any environment.

Whether it is building a house or organizing an event or building a training.

Creativity within constraints is where the ability of the really creative people come out. How can one do a truly outstanding job with the constraints at hand.

But there are times when one sees this creativity in action delivering something truly out of the box and yet very relevant.

What can one do as a leader?

Push the team to think harder. Just that little bit. Like the challenge for the learners in the previous post - pushing the team to think a little more works. (How and when you do it is the secret sauce.)

What can do one do as a person?

This is trickier. Because, for one, creativity may or may not be appreciated. Second, the stakeholder may or may not want creativity (yes, this is true).

And third, by the time creativity meets committee meets consensus, rainbow becomes cloud and then rain.

Developing thought...

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