Saturday, May 16, 2015

On challenges

Some years ago at a job interview a candidate told me, "I am looking for a challenge that is why I am looking for a new job"

And I asked him,"Why is staying at your current job not challenging enough?"

A few days ago, the little one was building yet another complex contraption with his building blocks and was stuck. He said, this is difficult.

And off went the parental machine,"Well everything is difficult. Things take time and effort. And you know it. But ask yourself how come you do these challenges very well with patience, time and effort while other challenges like Hindi make you crib"

"I don't like Hindi"

Yes, in both cases, challenges are challenges only if the mind sees an element of positiveness in them.  If the learner does not accept your challenge as a challenge but as a drudgery then you have lost the battle.

The 'why' has to be established in the learners mind - and then challenges become challenges worth taking up...

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