Sunday, July 3, 2016

An Entrepreneurial Journey begins

Taking the plunge
Being unsure
Choosing a name.
Getting the company registered
Getting a million copies of every document.
Then Scanning.
Being unsure
Then self attesting.
Getting this done and that done.
The website is not yet done.
Work and deadlines
Self doubt
Proofreading everything
Being courier boy
Working from home cursing Bangalores erratic electricity
Working from cafes
Working at odd hours
Working more than ever before
Goosebumps before the first deliverable
And the second
Endless discussion with a virtual team of collaborators
New ideas
More new ideas
No time
Where is my next work going to come from
Reaching out to people
Kindness of strangers
The logo is still not done
Accounts - who will get that done.
And such it goes...

Outthinc Consulting is born...

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