Monday, July 4, 2016

The Design Thinking Framework

I was lucky to be part of Design Thinking teams in my last two organisations. Design Thinking as popularised by the Stanford D school is an open source methodology and I have seen it being used in a few organisations to good effect.

What is wonderful about this methodology is what you can do with it. It is fast, it is fun and it is productive. It is simple, yet - you can go through it many a time and still discover new things. There is fun in designing around it - and seeing the possibilities unfold in so many ways.

It is early days yet, but we have seen how this approach has a lot of we discovered in a recent workshop that we conducted to go after some fairly commonplace 'problems'. But at the end of it, as I have seen in every other workshop before this, the 'insight' is always different. There is always something new that comes up when one uses this framework.

As I constructed it, I realised that Interviewing with Empathy is not easy, nor is Ideation and that made us think on how we can strengthen the process while not losing the core...

Early days yet, but still, we are working on what we can do with this process and the journey is indeed exciting...

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