Thursday, July 14, 2016

Uberization: Superspecialists?

In a world of cannons, what is the need for a sniper? Plenty.

Cannons are common. Snipers are not.
Cannons can hit a lot of places inaccurately, Snipers get you one target - spectacularly right.

This is mostly a game analogy - I have zero military experience to comment on the reality. The example was more to derive a point that - to take advantage of the uberization of work, there might be merit for companies (big and small) to try out super specialists.

For example, instead of going to an organization that will support you - but actually has the lowest common denominator preparing a rather stupid questionnaire - leading to fairly blah business results - why not engage the super specialist who will engage herself and diagnose your ailment correctly - or if she is  a real super specialist - will actually refer you to another super specialist.

When I was in my corporate avatar - this happened to us - more than once. We had engaged a company for a consulting engagement - but the outcome of the whole process was quite lame. The questions framed were lame - the administration was equally poor - and eventually the outcome was clearly nowhere close to the stratospheric levels we had aimed for. And this - not because the company lacked the expertise- they did not - but it was delegated to the lowest common denominator with very less input from the person who truly had that expertise.

This is worth thinking about. Engage an organization because they promise scale or engage a super specialist (the sniper) for that one hit? Do you know who those super specialists are? 

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