Saturday, August 13, 2016

Cosmic Encounter

I remember reading in Seth Godins blog many years ago about how Cosmic Encounter is THE game to buy for the kids and not Snakes and Ladders.

He also made a similar pitch for the game in his book Linchpin (which remains a favourite of mine).

And at the first chance I got, I purchased the game and when we did try to play it - it was a huge disappointment - not for anything else - just that the kids were too small to play it.

So, we waited - for about 5 years- for the kids to grow up to understand the game and after having played everything in our game cupboard - this was the one thing that was left. Drawn to it, we have started playing the game. Yes, it is complicated. Yes, it has twists and turns. Yes, there are rules and counter rules and zaps and counter zaps.

But is it fun? Wow. The game has practically infinite possibilities - and this we say after having barely played the beginner version of it.What a game!

What do I think the kids learn from games like this? One - is that like in life there are immense twists and turns. Second, never to lose heart. Third, go with the flow. Four - there are allies and there are people to help at every stage and so and so forth...

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