Saturday, August 13, 2016

Hubris and shifting tides

As someone who follows Business Strategy quite closely, I loved this article which states that Google is not safe from Yahoos fate.

And as preposterous as that might seem, the article tells us why. Do read it, if you are anywhere in the tech space or just working anywhere!

Having seen this from the inside in many firms - I can agree to it.

BPO jobs which were seen as invincible - are slowly being eaten by the bots. Software services - which was the main job giver to the educated Indians - is being rained on by the cloud. Start ups are disrupting every sphere one can think of.

And in every place - the top team thinks they are invincible, that their business model is here to stay and there is no real need to change.

Well, no, this is the internet age - and every industry is one disruption away from oblivion!

Now I need to find that disruption in order to make a mark with my own company :)

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