Thursday, August 4, 2016

Rokda - an interesting book

I read the book Rokda quite by chance and the title and the blurb intrigued me. Over the past few weeks, in my entrepreneur avatar, I have been reading up a lot. And while I have read a lot of international business stories, strategies - similar reading in the Indian market has not been easy to come by.

And here is where I found Rokda by Nikhil Inamdar interesting. The stories are good, inspiring - and made it a very easy and breezy read. I had no idea of the Emami story or the inspiring story of Bansal classes. Both of them were fairly inspiring read - to someone who has just started off on the entrepreneurial journey.

The writing while easy to follow, also lacked coherence a few times I felt and overall, I thought it could be scripted much better. Perhaps the author has tried to say a lot in limited space and perhaps many of these stories deserve a book of their own.

But, if you want a quick breezy read on some amazing Indian entrepreneurs - do give this book a read. I wish there were more books in this space!

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