Saturday, July 15, 2017

Cafe dreams

A lot of us talk about dreams. That dream is usually an aspiration - something we want to do - it could range from entrepreneurship to fitness to self development to anything else - something ever slightly out of reach.

The commonest place where it shows up is when we are discussing with friends and one thing leads to another and everyone is talking about their dreams. And then post the cafe conversation, it is back to normal - the usual routine existence.

Six months later it repeats.

Sometimes life throws an opportunity in front of you - that could very well make you take up that dream and work on it. Sometimes, you have the time in front of you, but you dont see it. Sometimes, you think you will do it - 5 years later, 10 years later or when you retire.

Based on what I have learnt in the past few years - these conversations amount to nothing unless you take the plunge.

That plunge doesnt necessarily mean, quit the job and start doing it - it means, taking those small steps requiring you to do it. That could mean a few weekends, a few hours each week or some time each day or some investment in terms of money.

What I have seen is people who really want something, go out and do it - whether it is a business or self development or volunteering - they take those small steps - and slowly, but surely, the steps add up.

Otherwise it is just another feel-good, venting conversation that translates into nothing on the ground - until the next conversations.

What are your dreams?

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