Sunday, July 2, 2017

There are some books

There are some books which you read survive end to end and wonder why did the author write this book? I recently read a book on Creativity that shall go unnamed that made me think of exactly this.

The book has a provocative title and professed to have a lot to say about Creativity. It started off in a promising way as well with a nicely illustrated model that promised to unlock creativity. And then it slid downwards from there.

This is the age of the internet. Most Google-able stuff is just that, Google-able. Add Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter to the mix and most information is already there. One third of the book was this kind of information. About pianos on staircases and trash cans...which has been done to death in other books. Can you not find a single original example?

The other one third was all about what other people have written in their books. Huh? And that too, for someone like me who reads a lot of non-fiction, this was a bad synopsis of good books. I would have bought summaries of all those books if that was all that you had to say.

The rest of the book was about some cool exercises the author did in her class - blah - these exercises are well worn and used for years. And the remaining part was a hyper complicated model that was nothing but an image - totally useless.

Requires a lot of ingenuity to write a book like that. There are always idiots like me who buy such books I suppose.

The name of the book is hidden above...

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