Thursday, July 20, 2017

Tale of two 40 odd years old...

A few days back as I walked out from a place, I saw this man standing. Unassuming - like any other person - but he had a ring of familiarity about him. I smiled at him, he smiled back - but the difference was that only I knew him - he did not know me.

It took my mind a few seconds to register who he was - but in that split second - I am sure he sees many people look at him and take that second to recognise him.

The smile was from a 40 plus male to another 40 plus male - perhaps therein ends the similarity.

One who has conquered all there is and yet remains simple and humble. Years ago, I have watched him on TV deliver for the country - on television. In sports.

He is known to be a gentleman player - the finest of the lot - someone who stands for the highest values, totally unaffected by stardom, a man who plays for the team, a man for him his skill is his highest temple of worship, a man who to paraphrase Kipling - can hold his head when all around him are losing theirs, a name never sullied by controversy,  a man who truly represents the gentlemanly form of the game.

I did not want to take a selfie or take an autograph from him - respecting his privacy. But in that moment, in that smile, as a 40 year old who has now moved into a different career track, I processed these notes in my own head marvelling at this gentleman who smiled at someone who walked past when he could have, very simply, ignored...and that is perhaps what makes a difference between ordinary and extraordinary...A gentleman star...

No prizes for guessing who he is, but I wont spoil the fun by revealing the name...

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