Saturday, July 15, 2017

Of coaches and kings

Much has been written about the Indian cricket team and how one respected coach resigned (or was asked to resign) and how another one has taken over. There are reams written about it elsewhere on the mechanics of it, but here is my two cents on how this can play out.

Think of a business. That is doing very well today. And like all businesses, it is caught in its own narrative fallacy - of how its business model, its mode of working is indestructible - until the nimble competitor knocks its socks off. This can happen to businesses, sports persons, teams, individuals - anyone who doesn't take life (or work or anything else) as a continuous developmental effort.

Also known as hubris. Sometimes from the leadership. Sometimes as a culture. Whatever the reason, any business or individual or team who is complacent to believe that they are good enough will soon be knocked off their pedestal.

For the cricket team - they are on a high now. The coach is expected to work with the team to the next level - the other teams are there, on their heels. And in general, a good coach can whip the team into a  fighting, winning machine.

Take any sport or business - examples abound of nimble competitors, un-fancied underdogs and of fighting machines on a winning cycle. And behind each of them is a success story of great leadership...

But in sports, like in business there are no permanent heroes or winners. What will be interesting to see for the cricket team is whether this coach will set the team in a 'growth mindset' to get back to its winning ways. That is worth watching...

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